Our Team

Christine Doan

The Malanda North site is owned by long time Tablelands resident Christine Doan.  A devoted, innovative & accomplished horsewoman and Australian Olympian, Christine is also well known in the Far North for her community activism and energetic commitment to preserving the Tablelands’ amazing natural environment.  She donated part of her land at Malanda North to help draw the much needed Ozcare aged care facility to town.  Christine's biggest challenge is to make sustainable property development an economic reality.   Christine immigrated to Australia from North America 40 years ago.  She is proud to call herself an Aussie and Tablelander.


Michael Lawrence

Michael Lawrence (CPA) of Inspire Business Consulting has a background in Commercial Lending, Finance and business growth and development. He is responsible for maintaining the commercial focus of the project whilst ensuring it incorporates the best of the wider opportunities and synergies that it attracts.

Alison Eaton

Alison discovered the beautiful Tablelands - the rainforests, the lakes, the birds, the animals and the people - and found her place to settle. She found Malanda North and found a cause to believe in and a vision to help turn into reality.

Alison brings retail, marketing and project management skills to the team from her career. She brings skills around creating a community of purpose and environmental projects from her experiences. And she throws in an inextinguishable fountain of enthusiasm and energy, which she uses not only to reach out to people but to nail every last detail of every one of the varied projects she embarks upon.

Robert Prestipino - Vital Places

Robert specialises in developing regional infrastructure projects that strengthen local communities. He works with government, community and local business stakeholders to innovate solutions that ensure regional communities secure a vibrant future. He is a qualified urban designer, registered landscape architect, Corporate Member of the Planning Institute of Australia, an Australian certified economic developer, licenced real estate agent and local ecommerce marketer, with more than 25 years’ experience in guiding best practice town centre and urban improvement projects.